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Delinda’s life, not just her voice, sings! She connects with others through her excellent voice, passionate heart, and fully committed life, testifying to God’s love and power in Christ.  
— Dr. Douglas J. Rumford, Sr. Pastor Trinity UPC
Delinda, has a heart for worship, a gift for music, a love for Jesus Christ and a passionate faith to share.  If you are in need of a conference leader, pulpit supply or a special retreat speaker, I recommend that you contact Delinda. Her faith in infectious and her words are a sincere, passionate presentation of the Gospel.

--Jim Houston-Henken, Senior Pastor,

Grace Prebyterian Church, Las Vegas


As worship leader Delinda combines scripture, music, personal testimony and prayer with such authenticity, joy and confidence that others are immediately drawn into an atmosphere of worship and praise.  Delinda has a natural confidence and ease in her leadership  She is humble, passionate and real in her love for the Lord and in her desire that He – not Delinda  – receive all the glory and praise. 
                                   -- ​Rev. Hilda Peccoraro



Delinda’s unique style comes straight from the heart as she blends an eclectic mix of musical styles to weave a colorful tapestry of song.  Delinda’s sweet spirit compliments her artistry for a truly sacred experience.              
-- Donna Butler Douglas, Songwriter 

Delinda loves Jesus and you feel that through her gift of song.  I am moved to tears every time I hear her sing as she touches my heart with her passion to share God's love!                               
— Pam Ross, Independent Senior National
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics  


Delinda has the voice of an angel...she will touch your heart with enormous hope and joy...she has the ability to lift the spirits of all who experience her rich and warm talent.                         
 — Carole D‘Andrea, Original cast “Westside Story”
Broadway and film,  Acting &
Singing performance coach
In a world of hard-sell marketability and  pre-packaged pop music imagery, it's  refreshing and deeply  gratifying to hear the Word of God presented as an offering through beautiful arrangements and heartfelt artistry -  all delivered with the sonic simplicity of a prayer.                           
-- Gabriel Zenone, Producer, Songwriter
Delinda is an enthusiastic, energetic, talented woman of God whose extraordinary musical gifting has blessed this congregation week after week.  
-- Pastor R. Michael McDowell
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