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Keynote ​Speaker - Singer 

​Las Vegas, NV​

#1 Christian Artist in Las Vegas

on Reverbnation Gospel/Christian charts

Pamper Your Spirit

!YES!  You have a choice!

Delinda has faced the usual ups and downs, the highs and lows of life. She will share the tips and lessons she has learned along the way. Life can throw a lot of curves but we can choose how we want to look at it and how to face the trials.


  • FormerPink Cadillac driver with Mary Kay  and Senior Sales Director

  • Toured Europe as a Featured soloist with an Opera and Broadway group

  • Inspirational Speaker

  • Voiceover Artist

  • TV shows - Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Boston Legal

  • Worship leader in her local church


Delinda has been married to Bill for over 35 years, and they have two children that live in Kansas City. 


Delinda is the Founder and President of Fun Fearless Female, Inc.

Non-Profit 501 (c) (3)

Come see some of the Newest fashions AND get some expert accessories advice.


Speaker - Radio Host


​Las Vegas, NV​




Holly is a counselor, mother of five, and host a local radio show. She has a Master's Degree in mental health counseling, 


There are many things that are a mystery but I do know, that children give to our lives, they are not takers. I believe I have met some of the most beautiful angels right here on planet earth, a nd I believe I meet more daily. I know that music heals, scents can clear and give peace, and colors bring joy and protection. I know that our lives can enjoy rest for our souls and that peace can abide.


I know animals are guides, grandmas are queens, and grandpas are warriors. Neighbors are blessings, and friends are rare jewels and a kindred spirit is who you have your pow-wow coffee with. Sisters are the ones who know your story and can vouch for your cause, even if it is shopping and laughter. Singing with the saints in the sanctuary is eternal. 

Never stop growing - never stop loving and know what you know.


Speaker - Lyricist


​Las Vegas, NV​


Leslie's passion in life is helping people see their true potential by sharing truths that will work for anyone who has a deep desire to attain their goals and dreams.  She likes to tell people:


All things are possible- to those who

truly believe it!


Leslie's creative and practical ideas will 'hit home' with crystal cer impact.  She has a down-to-earth message with street smart ideas. She speaks with love, passion, sincerity and compassion.


  • Professional Speaker

  • Motivational Entertainer

  • Seminar Leader

  • Industrial Commercials

We will feature and hear from of the ladies at the Walter Hoving Home. You will be blessed!

Come and hear some keys to being happy - joyful - content -no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what has happened, or is happening, no matter what your fears and inhibitions.


It's more than a positive attitude, it's choices we make everyday, our outlook on life, our faith. It's knowing that there is more, there is hope, and always another option.

You don't have to just 'take it' and accept what happens. God has more for you.  He loves you and has great things in store for you.



Let's WOW the World!


Inspiration, Live Music, Food and Friendship

*and a little Dancin' to add to the Fun!

You are more than where you came from, what you've been through, and more than your "Stuff".


You deserve to be pampered, be happy, dream, have goals, and to live your passion.  Why?  Because you are a daughter of the King! God set you apart for greatness!  Believe it!  Join us as we celebrate what makes YOU special.

JW Marriott

Summerlin,    221 N Rampart Blvd,   Las Vegas, NV 89145    (702) 869-7777

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