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YES!  You have a choice!

Come Share a Morning of Inspiration, Fun, Music, and Friendship

Keynote ​Speaker - Singer 

​Las Vegas, NV​

#1 Christian Artist in Las Vegas

on Reverbnation Gospel/Christian charts


Yes, you have a choice.


Come and hear some keys to being happy - joyful - content - no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what has happened, or is happening, no matter what your fears and inhibitions.



It's more than a positive attitude, it's choices we make everyday, our outlook on life, our faith. It's knowing that there is more, there is hope, and always another option.

You don't have to just 'take it' and accept what happens... God has more for you.  He loves you and has great things in store for you.




​​As a pink Cadillac Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 18 years, Delinda earned 8 free cars.  That is where she honed her skills as she had the privilege to encourage, inspire, and share life experiences with hundreds of women.  It was during this time that Delinda began her speaking career and had the opportunity to speak and travel throughout the country, including Kansas City, Dallas, Wichita, and Las Vegas.  She shares her message of hope, joy and encouragement as she speaks and sings at retreats and conferences.  Delinda is a worship leader in her home church in Las Vegas.

In addition to being a speaker and singer, she is a voice over artist, actor, and a member of SAG and AFTRA.  You may have even seen her on Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, or True Blood.

She has been married to Bill for 36 years, and they have two children that live in Kansas City. Delinda has faced the usual ups and downs, the highs and lows of life. She will share the tips and lessons she has learned along the way.



Let's WOW the World!





10800 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS 66210

I-435 & Metcalf Ave

Breast Cancer were once just words to Kacy Parker that she only heard about  happening to older women and to women with a family history of this devastating disease.  Kacy never in her wildest dreams ever imagined that breast cancer would some day effect her life in a big way.  For one, Kacy was only 44 and had no family history of breast cancer. She often asked herself, "how could this happen to me?"  At the time of diagnosis she had very little knowledge of breast cancer. After a routine shower one night,  Kacy felt a solid hard lump in her right breast. She soon learned that breast cancer WAITS FOR NO ONE -  and her journey began!


In 2011, Kacy was diagnosed with a stage 3 very aggressive breast cancer.

As she walked through her journey Kacy began to lean heavily on her faith and she put her total trust in God as she saw Him lining things

up to work a miracle in her life.


Come and hear '...the rest of the story".


Kacy has recently established a non-profit breast cancer organization called Faith Over Fear with a mission of encouraging women,  young girls, and their loved ones to be proactive in breast health, total mind, body, and spirit.  Faith Over Fear Inc. (FOF) is a unique organization that is determined to build a community of support, friendship, love, and resources, so that no woman will ever have to feel she's in this battle alone.  

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Featured Speaker -

Aerialist - Acrobat

​Los Angeles, CA

Born without legs, Jen’s biological parents left her at the hospital.  One would think she would be destined for a life of hardship.  However, the hand of destiny brought her an amazing adoptive family, who gave her one simple rule, “Never say the word, Can’t.” 















As a child, Jen was obsessed with gymnastics, and her idol was gold-medalist, Dominique Moceanu.  In fact, watching Dominique on TV, helped inspire Jen to start competing herself.  Seemingly against all odds, Jen went on to compete against able-bodied athletes, and became a State Champion in power tumbling.  As part of her amazing story, and as twist of fate, Jen later learned that her childhood gymnastics idol, Dominique Moceanu, was actually her biological sister.


Always challenging herself, Jen transitioned into an accomplished acrobat and aerialist.  As such, she travelled internationally with Britney Spears’ World Tour, and appeared as the headliner at the prestigious Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, and the Shangri La hotel in Dubai.





Jen’s incredible story has been featured on multiple shows, including HBO Real Sports, 20/20 and Good Morning America.  She is currently living in Los Angeles, and has added a successful speaking career to her list of accomplishments, including being featured in one of the well-renowned TED talks. 



In an interiew with Trevor Keveloh, Jen shared:


Something I learned from my parents amazing upbringing.  They naturally NEVER put any limits on my dreams or my thinking.  When you’re never told you “can’t” do something, you honestly believe you can do ANYTHING.  The mind is a powerful thing!

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