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INTRO AUDIO Book - Delinda L
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Being a Fun Fearless Female is not about beauty, being tall, skinny, a model, chosen, rich or Perfect!


WHEW!  That's a Relief!  

Instead it's about BEING!

Being the woman God created you to be.  It is confidence in who you are and whose 

you are. It's learning to make smart choices for you and what you want in life.

No more settling for what you've got and no more comparison!


Do you light up a room when you walk in, or have you always wanted to? You’ve seen her. You know the woman I’m talking about. She acts as if she has no cares in the world. She is that feminine woman who looks put-together, self-assured and confident.  You too can have this kind of Confidence.  I'll give you the keys!



Be bold and courageous! Whether it's fear of failure, fear of not being good enough or smart enough, or even the fear of success. We're going to work together on helping you face your fears and move forward. If you've got the desire and just a little bit of time, you can learn to walk through the fire and not get burned!


 You've totally got this. You'll see how the choices you are making are either holding you back or moving you forward.  Those little girl dreams are waiting to blossom and become real! Step into Your God-sized dreams!

It's For YOU!

Delinda will encourage and uplift you.  Her voice is filled with enthusiasm and you will feel energized and hopeful.   Are you tired of just settling, doing what others think you should do, giving your all, and playing the comparison game? Great - This book is for you. 


You can change where you are and where you are going by the choices you make!  Delinda will give you some ideas and thoughts on how to make better choices so you CAN have the life you WANT! 

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