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Speaker - Singer - Writer

​Las Vegas, NV​

Keys To Being a

Fun Fearless Female  

 Meridith Elliott Powell

Coach, Speaker, Author

   Asheville, NC Area

Using What You've Got - To Get Where You Want To Go

Terry M. Bellamy 

​Asheville, NC

​​Economic shifts, globalization, advancements in technology and increased competition have changed our working world dramatically.


To succeed in this economy takes a different set of skills. Skills that come naturally to women such as listening, relationship building, creativity and problem solving. Women understand the true value of  including others, developing their talents, and building community. Attend this workshop and discover the value of your natural talents, and how to use what you've got to get where you want to go!

Participants will learn:


  • What your natural talents are and why they are so critical in this new economy

  • How to quit waiting for others to recognize your talents and take charge of your success

  • Why raising your self-confidence is key to ensuring you move forward emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically

  •  The steps you need to build a strategic network that gives you confidence, supports you and ensures a fun, simple and effective road ahead

  •  How having the courage to improve your life and market your message, is the best way to help everyone around you

  •  The 3 simple steps that make change easy and sustainable

In our hearts we are all Fun Fearless Females.  You already have everything you need,  you just may need a key to unlock the greatness inside you.

I am a Christian woman navigating these crazy and often demanding times.  Like most women, I wear so many hats that I forget which one I'm wearing when. At any particular moment I may even add a new hat just for fun.

​​As a pink Cadillac Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 18 years, Delinda earned 8 free cars.  That is where she honed her skills as she had the privilege to encourage, inspire, and share life experiences with hundreds of women.  It was during this time that Delinda began her speaking career and had the opportunity to speak and travel throughout the country, including Kansas City, Dallas, Wichita, and Las Vegas.  She shares her message of hope, joy and encouragement as she speaks and sings at retreats and conferences.  Delinda is a worship leader in her home church in Las Vegas.

In addition to being a speaker and singer, she is a voice over artist, actor, and a current member of SAG and AFTRA.  You may have even seen her on Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, or True Blood.

She has been married to Bill for 35 years, and they have two children that live in Kansas City. Delinda has faced the usual ups and downs, the highs and lows of life. She will share the tips and lessons she has learned along the way.



Let's WOW the World!

Asheville citizens elected Terry M. Bellamy to serve as Mayor of the City of Asheville in November 2005.​

Since her election, she has made continuous efforts to improve city programs through lobbying our state and federal legislators.

Mayor Bellamy currently serves as a member of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Land-  of-Sky Regional Council, the Metropolitan Sewage District Board.

She received the honor of being appointed to the 21st Century Transportation Committee by Governor Mike Easley, was appointed to serve on the Joint Legislative Committee on Housing.

Most recently, she was chosen to serve on the North Carolina League of Municipalities Board  of Directors.



Taoist Tai Chi Society Classes -

Every Monday and Wednesday




Tai chi is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels. In fact, because tai chi is low impact, it may be especially suitable if you're an older adult who otherwise may not exercise.


For more information, please contact Nancy Miller at  (828) 551-6920 

Sherry g Rambin
Passionate-Photographer ®

Professional Photographer -

Writer - Speaker
Asheville, NC


​​SUPERIOR GREETINGS is a unique one-of-a-kind eCard business. You will know that the eCards have been crafted by true inspiration.

All of the photography is from the collection of Sherry g Rambin, Passionate-Photographer ®. That is her Registered TM in all 50 United States through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sherry has written all of the inspirational messages in every eCard; however, she is quick to say that “I listen to your hearts everyday, and many of my inspirational messages were born from conversations we’ve had heart to heart.”

Sherry’s sister, Donna Rambin, is the Vice President and Business Manager. Donna has her Masters in Computer Information Systems and is proficient in many areas of handling business. Donna handles the (left brain) business portion and Sherry handles the (right brain) creative aspects and marketing.


Sherry and Donna Rambin are working hard to bring you a SUPERIOR GREETING you’ll be proud to send your family and friends for years to come.

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