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INTRO AUDIO Book - Delinda L
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Chapter 1 - AUDIO Book - Delinda Layne
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God's Miracles - Delinda Layne
Fun Fearless Female Theme Song - Delinda Layne

Growing up as a 'Southern girl', with my Dad ,

as a Colonel in the Air Force, and raised in the

Southern Baptist church, it was years before

I realized I had a voice, much less a choice in my life.

Delinda never lived in any place more than two years while growing up.  She learned early to either take the initiative to make friends or she would be left out. Her upbringing was very strict in all areas and it wasn't until she went to college she began to realize that there was a lot more out there and more opportunities and she got to make her own choices for her life.  She realized that women can have a voice, and that they don't have to be what others think they should.  They can choose for themselves. This was Freedom!


Delinda began singing and performing as a young girl, her first solo was in junior high youth choir. Continuing in college as a performance major she gained confidence and expanded her talent.

She has a wonderful and engaging stage presence that is electric and fun! You will certainly not be bored!


             I believe God has called me  to encourage, uplift and                      inspire women to be all God has created them to be…

             and to step out in faith and into their God-Sized dreams.

             I teach people about choices. We are where we are

            today based on the choices we have made. That includes

            what we believe about being a child of God and what we

            believe about Jesus.  


            Are we making our daily decisions based on our core  

            values?  Are we living our life by our true beliefs? What

            choices are we making everyday?

Simple Gift of Praise - Delinda Layne

Delinda speaks to Women's associations, conferences, and groups, and is touring the country with her Fun Fearless Female Event for Women.  She can provide all the info you need to host this event with a step by step plan, or she can come as a keynote speaker to your event.

Delinda and Bill have been married over thirty-eight years, and have two children, Justin and Alicia who both live in Kansas City.  They have been in Vegas ten years – and love it.


IF every woman could see herself through God's eyes -

We could WOW the World!

Delinda sings HOW GREAT THOU ART in the Grand Canyon

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