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Fun Fearless Female, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3)

Empowering - Encouraging - Enriching
The Lives of  Women!


Fun Fearless Female, Inc., 501(c)(3) is a faith-based Christian company and we believe that if every woman could see herself through God's eyes - We could WOW the World!

Our mission is to create Women's Empowerment programs conferences and events that uplift and encourage Christian women.  We help them see their fun, fearless, beautiful, and talented female selves that God created them to be.

Fun Fearless Female, Inc. acts as a catalyst for change by providing opportunities to grow in confidence and self-esteem.  We empower women with the tools necessary to break thru belief barriers, walk in faith, embrace hope, and rise in divine purpose.

As a Non-Profit, 501(3)(c) we are able to touch
lives and continue to focus on giving women tools
to transform their lives. We are a catalyst for change and will also partner with others who want to change lives and share in ministry.

It all began as a speech to a church women's luncheon in 2012. I felt it! The desire for more! More ways to help each other, to encourage and uplift each other, and more opportunities to get together! As women, we are better together! And so it began. -Delinda


Fun Fearless Female is all about you and all other women who want to come together, and share their faith, lives and business. All who want to grow, learn, and step into their dreams! It's time to take the girdle off your brain, or mindset, and break through the belief barriers that may be holding you back.


We are now over 1000 strong and growing! We host big events like WOW the World, as well as local luncheons, online events, training, and as well we support other non-profit 501 (c)(3).

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We are touching the lives of women:
  • Who want to gain more confidence
  • Who don’t realize their value
  • Who have suffered life's challenges
  • Who have experienced trauma and trying to rebuild their lives
  • Who want to build better, more rewarding relationships
  • Who want to get rid of guilt
  • Who want to experience more success
These are all beautiful females who want to be both "fun and fearless". Many tell me that they are fun and the life of the party, but they would like to be more fearless. They'd like to step out and try something new, but they are afraid.  Then, there are also those who are so fearless that all their friends admired them for their courage, yet they tell me they'd like to be more fun.  
So here we are, all striving to expand ourselves in some way, to stretch and become all that God created us to be: Fun, Fearless, and totally Female.
Come join us!  Watch for upcoming cities. We'd love to bring our conference to you, so give us a call, email, or text.  We'll check out dates and answer any questions.
If you would like to partner with us as we reach out to women,
you may Donate any amount, tax-free, see the Contact page
(By IRS regulations your bank record will be your receipt except for donations over $250,
for which we will send you a receipt.)
. . .

Fun Fearless Female would love to come to your church or city and share our message of Love, Hope and Joy!    

Fun Fearless Female, Inc. is a US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. EIN #47-3563339.
We are governed by the Board of Directors and are financed through charitable donations
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